Wet Market Tour

Spend your half day in Rangoon (Yangon) by taking circular train and take photos at the colourful wet market.

You could able to join food tours as well before or after wet market to get more experience around city Yangon! –

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Samusa Thote (salad); the most tasty street food

Have you ever tried this yummy tasty street food in Yangon? Don’t miss this opportunity when you visit to Yangon. Contact us for your safe tummy!

Please visit http://www.rangoonfoodculturetours.com for more details to book tours!

Voice of our Customer

“Wasn’t familiar with Burmese food at first, but James was an expert with food and explained with love!

Last December was my second time in Yangon, but my first time taking this tour. Definitely boosted my experience with Burmese food because my first trip here was not with a guide, and a lot of spontaneous food choices.

Would definitely plan a visit to Yangon and doing another Rangoon Food Tour with James!”

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Please note that our company will be closed from 13 to 17 April as we celebrate Thingyan Water Festival. Normal food tours will resume on Wednesday 18 April.

Happy Myanmar New Year!

‘Have you finished your lunch?’

27335816_1796385500401138_1735368953_oIn Yangon it is common to hear people greeting each other around midday with ‘Sa bi bi la?’ meaning ‘Have you finished your lunch?’. It is not uncommon for lunch to start anywhere from 11:30am 🙂

Lunch is a very important meal of the day and will usually include a number of Myanmar curries eaten with a plate (or two) of rice. The wide variety of curries available include fish, beef, pork, fish, prawn and various vegetable curries. A clear, light soup and a plate of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables are usually also served with the meal. Most food vendors let customers season their own food with condiments like dried or fresh chillies, garlic, tamarind sauce and coriander leaves that are also put on the table.

Noodles (dry or in soup) is also a popular food for lunch. Noodles are made from either egg or rice, and flavoured with chicken, pork or seafood.

Downtown Yangon has a vibrant street food culture and we know just where to find the most delicious, fresh and safe food. Come and join one of our lunch tours to learn more about the food culture of Yangon!

Check out the ‘Our Tours’ page for tour prices. Discounts are available for big groups.


Special Monsoon Food Tours!


Monsoon season has arrived in Myanmar! For the next few months, we are offering a special customised Monsoon Food Tour to accommodate the weather. The Monsoon Food Tour will be a shorter version of our regular tours and will include 3 food stops at indoor locations. The tour price is $15 per person (groups of 5 or more people preferred). Please ask for the Special Monsoon Tour when you make your booking!

Our regular breakfast, lunch, snack and dinner tours are also still available, weather permitting.

Welcome to our new website

Hi there! My name is James, the owner of Rangoon Food Culture Tours. We have just launched our new website. On the site you can find everything you might want to know about our food tours. Let me know what you think of the site and what other information might be useful to add.