Lahpet: Myanmar’s favourite snack


Do you recognise the food pictured in our RFCT logo? It is Myanmar’s most famous and unique food – fermented or pickled tea leaves called Lahpet in Burmese. Myanmar is one of a few countries that eat (fervented) and drink (black and green) tea.


To make Laphet, tea leaves are washed and mixed with oil, salt, garlice and chillies and left overnight to ferment. The laphet can be eaten on its own as a snack or with rice as a meal, called Lahpet Htamin. However, the most famous way to eat Lahpet is as a salad, called Lahpet Thoke (tea leave salad).


Lahpet Thoke is made by combining the fervented tea leaves with a mixture of crispy fried butter beans, fried chickpeas, fried garlic, roasted sesame seeds, roasted peanuts and dried shrimps. Tomato, shredded cabbage and corn kernels can also be added according to taste.


Laphet plays a central part in Burmese cuisine, cultural and religious ceremonies and social life. Any Myanmar food tour would be incomplete without trying it!

When you join our snack or lunch tour, ask your tour guide to include Lahpet Thoke or Lahpet Htamine. But be careful at dinner, the tea leaves will keep you awake at night if you are sensitive to caffeine. You have been warned 🙂


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