‘Have you finished your lunch?’

27335816_1796385500401138_1735368953_oIn Yangon it is common to hear people greeting each other around midday with ‘Sa bi bi la?’ meaning ‘Have you finished your lunch?’. It is not uncommon for lunch to start anywhere from 11:30am 🙂

Lunch is a very important meal of the day and will usually include a number of Myanmar curries eaten with a plate (or two) of rice. The wide variety of curries available include fish, beef, pork, fish, prawn and various vegetable curries. A clear, light soup and a plate of fresh or lightly steamed vegetables are usually also served with the meal. Most food vendors let customers season their own food with condiments like dried or fresh chillies, garlic, tamarind sauce and coriander leaves that are also put on the table.

Noodles (dry or in soup) is also a popular food for lunch. Noodles are made from either egg or rice, and flavoured with chicken, pork or seafood.

Downtown Yangon has a vibrant street food culture and we know just where to find the most delicious, fresh and safe food. Come and join one of our lunch tours to learn more about the food culture of Yangon!

Check out the ‘Our Tours’ page for tour prices. Discounts are available for big groups.


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